A sample is the greatest and the only option to try out wallpaper before moving big.

Devices such as phones and computers do not always reflect how a color will look in real life, therefore, the most reliable way to assess a color is to view it in person by ordering samples.

All of our samples are made to order and have a far shorter manufacturing time, allowing you to receive them right away. This is done to maintain color consistency.

Suppose you like the sample, order immediately to acquire it in large quantities. If you wait, the batch or lot size may change.

Test a sample on the same wall you plan to wallpaper. 


Traditional Pre-pasted uses dry glue that must be activated with water. 

Before trying a wallpaper sample, it is important to clean the wall area and remove any dirt or debris where you want to place the sample.

The Pre-pasted wallpaper contains a dried adhesive that requires activation with water.

Spray water onto the sample's back.

Ensure that it is completely soaked in water, like this, before positioning it on the wall:

Position your sample on the wall.

Utilize a squeegee or a credit card to flatten it out.

Clean any excess glue from the edges and top of your sample by using a damp cloth:

Here are some points to take note of:

It is important that the sample does not create bubbles and that its edges remain firmly stuck to the wall.

Do not proceed with the wallpaper installation if you see lifting edges. You should prepare your walls properly.

If you notice any unusual occurrences, please reach out to us at If possible, send us photos displaying the problems with your samples, as we can help identify the issue and determine whether a solution is possible.