Color Disclaimer: What You Need to Know Before Buying

We strive hard to ensure that the colors in our pictures are as accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately depicts the product's true color owing to screen variations, digital photography and production variations.

The final product can be slightly different from the preview.

We suggest buying a sample of the material you plan to order to make sure everything is clear. We recommend ordering samples of all the materials if you need more clarification.


Understanding Color Variations In Wallpaper Printing

This guide explores the factors that affect how wallpaper colors appear, such as digital photography vs reality, wallpaper types, lightning conditions, printing differences, paint color coordination, color customization options and more. It also highlights the importance of getting samples to ensure color accuracy.

1. Digital VS Reality

The way we perceive color differs depending on the calibration of the screen and the type of surface printed. Our expectations and mindset can also alter how we perceive color!

This picture highlights subtle yet critical distinctions between how the same artwork appears in real life and on a screen.

2. Wallpaper Types Affect Color Variance

Although when printed on the same machinery, color variations are seen based on material types and saturation levels. We suggest getting samples of each type of wallpaper if you need clarification about which is best for your project.

This pic shows how the same print looks on two different materials - Canvas Peel & Stick on the left and Smooth Peel & Stick on the right. Check out the diff!

3. Lightning Conditions

The type of light in the room, whether warm, fluorescent or natural, is often overlooked but still important.

The type of light in the room can also impact the appearance of wallpaper, particularly light-colored papers, which are more prone to tone changes based on the surroundings. Trusting how a wallpaper sample looks in your specific space is important.

It is advised to get a sample and see the color results of the wallpaper in your room's lighting condition.

This picture showcases how the same print appears in various lighting conditions.

4. Printing Differences: Ink, Paper & Calibration Variations

While we make every effort to keep color consistent over time and print each order as requested, we can't promise a 100% color match.

The use of the printing equipment, routine maintenance, and the replacement of parts can all cause slight calibration changes over time in printing techniques. Certain colors are more prone to those changes. 

Our inks and paper come from reputable national manufacturers. However, there are disclaimers on all of them about minor variations between batches. This is a standard aspect of the market.

5. Wallpaper And Paint Color Coordination

We cannot guarantee an exact paint color match by Code with any of our wallpapers because the nature of the production process for wallpaper and the manufacture of paint varies. We advise getting a sample of the wallpaper and matching it with your paint supplier if you require a matching paint color.

6. Specific Color Information For Interior Designers

We do not utilize original Pantone inks in our work. The Pantone Color Bridge provides the most accurate color matching possible.

We offer color customization based on CMYK, RGB, or HEX color codes and recommend ordering a sample for your customized color before placing a larger order.

Our printing technology is based on CMYK with latex inks. We do not use any custom inks or pigments. 

7. Sample VS Order

Due to factors such as printer calibrations, maintenance, and variations in inks and paper, slight color differences may exist between the sample you receive and your final order.

The longer the time period between receiving a sample and placing the final order, the higher the likelihood of encountering color variations. 

Walltrendz Takeaway

If you are searching for a particular color that needs to work well in your space, it's best to request a sample to be sure. Although colors within the same hue family are generally similar, slight variations could affect your decision.

Additionally, we offer sample customization options, and you can request it at checkout or send an email to with your order number.